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Monday, November 2, 2009

What is Social Media, Why, and How Can it Help Me?

What is Social Media?

Social media is expressing your information in a sociable manner. It is passing your information around a network of friends, fans, followers and connections. Years ago we connected with companies and/or people that applied to our “target market”. Now, we connect with everyone we can and then connect deeper with those who apply to our target. When we do this, it raises brand awareness. People may not necessarily need your products or services at the moment, but when they think of your niche or someone mentions it, you come to mind. Social media is advertising in a friendly way to everyone you can, expecting it to specifically apply to a percentage of the contacts you make. So it you make a connection with 500 people in the 1st year, and it applies to 10% of them… you have gained 50 potential or actual clients. If you connect with 5000 people and have a 7% return of possibilities, then 350 would be your number. Meeting people comes first; building Relationships come next, Sales and possibilities come after. Farming is a good example: We plant the seed, water it, give it some sun, and watch it grow. This is the same concept we have had for years when it comes to sales. Social Media simply allows you to plant more seeds in more places, and in much less time. Plus once you get the hang of it, it’s fun!

Why is Social Media important?

Social Media is important because people are changing the way they make buying decisions. Before we used to see advertisements in the paper, on television, by mailings, on the radio, by phone solicitations, and even door to door. Then the search engines like Google and Yahoo came on the scene and people ran to those for information. Now we are evolving and people are going to their social media and networking platforms to ask questions and get answers. If you had the choice to ask a computerized search engine a question and do some intensive time consuming research; or ask a crowd of hundreds or thousands of people in moments… which would you do? We now have that choice and people are quickly choosing crowd sourcing through social networking media. Today, many do not care if you are on the first page of the search results or if you have the biggest billboards in town. What matters to them is “Who am I connected with in my social media and networking life?” They should be connected to You!

How can Social Media help me?

The first thing social media can do for you and your business is Increase Your Exposure. Imagine being in front of thousands of more people and the possibilities it could create. With old outlets, you were stuck in a box and controlled by traditional media and expensive advertising. Business does not just happen by your standing there and hoping people come to you. You need to at least be out there where the people can see you. Social Media is where customers are looking in today’s age.

The next thing social media does is Extend Your Reach. The world is now your stomping ground and you can connect with just about anyone from anywhere. Even local businesses can profit greatly from this because people heading to your town or city are connecting with people and businesses through social media and networking months before they even arrive at their destination. They want answers, shopping destinations, places to visit, good restaurant info, and more… and they want it now. Wouldn’t you like to be available to 1000’s of more people, knowing that any of them can lead to another company relationship and sale?

Also… Connections Are Made through social media. If you are not actively pursuing the people where they are, your business may be in trouble. The same thing happened years ago when websites were the craze. If you took a step in the technology direction and got your website up; with a few steps, your business did well. Now, the first people to get a hang of social media are in the same position. Millions and millions of people are at your fingertips! You can make strong connections online with plenty of people in a shorter time and in a simpler way. You can then grow these connections to clients, partners, friends, contacts, possibilities and so much more.

Now tell me… Which business in their right mind does not want this? You need social media!

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Blogger Chris Stapleton said...

The idea of having social media is a good idea but the reality of getting things started and actually talking about things that people like or not really understanding in the beginning that you should look and respond to others tweets to build these relationships.

In my understanding Twitter for the most part has been a way i found this blog, beause the creator contacted me and then i followed him. Something that is hard to do is actually finding people who will respond. I have been making lots of connections but they follow me and i have no idea why they are following me so in some sense theres a disconnect to meeting people.

Theres no real guide to how to use Twitter, you just have to use it. I mean the help topics and what not with the FAQ on Twitter help give some direction, but weilding an effective account can take a long time and can be very discouraging. What would you say to people in this category?

January 1, 2010 at 3:30 AM  
Blogger G said...

Yes, people connect for different reasons from building followers, to opening up for potential connections. We never know what each contact will specifically lead to, but we connect none the less. Some connect with friends, some follow a theme or idea, some focus on an area, others just connect. As twitter peeps, we have the freedom to use it in our own way, and follow or follow back whoever we wish. And yes, there is a lot more knowledge out there compared to instruction. I did a quick article on 11 Tweeters you will meet in Twitter heaven to show a few good ideas. Thanks for the comment.

February 11, 2010 at 1:45 PM  

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