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THANKS for helping with Asheville Social Media School - Class #1

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Friday, February 26, 2010

THANKS for helping with Asheville Social Media School - Class #1

First of all we would like to thank the Downtown Market in Asheville North Carolina for giving us the space to hold this 1st event. Josiah Hyatt, Pepper Parris, and the many vendors allowed us to make this class possible. Oh... and thanks for the raffle items!

Local Guys Movers of Asheville were also on the scene helping out in any way possible, make sure we had the chairs set up properly, and they were very helpful to everyone there. Their whole crew was wonderful. Thank you.

David Bonyun of Asheville Video Productions did a great job taking video of the event and we are going to have some clips for you really soon. Thank you for your video production work in Asheville NC!

Rev. Jeffrey A. Hober of Cornerstone Church gave us the 125 chairs for the social media event last night and we want to thank him and his congregation for helping us out.

Thanks to Maria Aponte of Hi Tech Systems in AVL let us use that wonderful Panasonic projector to show our presentations and was helpful throughout the night in so many other ways.

Jay Kirk of PSAV Presentation Services in AVL helped us out with the speaker system to go with the projector and a few other gadgets. Also thanks for helping us get back online when we had a glitch in the system!

Thx to Amanda Ballew of More Space Place Custom Closets and Murphy Beds in Asheville NC for providing the literature and paper needs, and also for helping moderate this whole event.

Bill Nixdorf of PaleoSun Web Design showed us a great presentation of how the search engines meter people, human behavior, and index websites. Thank you

Christopher Smith of Asheville Discount Card was very helpful from the moment he showed up on the scene. From helping move chairs, to getting things in order while we had to run and get some copies and more. Thx!

Thanks to Asheville Maid Katie Crisp for helping us with the registration, raffle tickets and making sure everyone had everything they needed.

Thank you to Polly McDaniel from the Asheville Citizen Times for coming to this event and talking about the newspaper, social media, and the local WNCLINC efforts!

Thanks to Jose Ibarra of Applied Solutions for presenting the push for Google to come to Asheville North Carolina. You can find more info about it on Google AVL.

Ryan Izon of Mother and Son Bistro in North Asheville / Woodfin donated gift certificate for a special occasion cake to the raffle items and also spoke about his business etc. Thank you.

Sandy Eha of Rolf Experience in AVL spoke about her business and also donated a gift certificate for a free Rolf session during the raffle.

Thank you to George Zhouf of Jump Wedding Photography in Asheville for dropping in and taking a photo shoot of the Asheville Social Media School event.

Al Lorenzo assisted the event by getting the cloth up to shoot the projections onto. Al is a General Contractor in the Asheville area 828-201-6581.

It took all of us working together to make this event a great success. Thank you so much to everyone; the people who helped and the people who attended the free Asheville Social Media School.

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