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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Asheville Social Media School - Class #3 April 23 - Meet The Teachers

Lots of great things planned for the up and coming free social media school in Asheville North Carolina on April 23rd from 5-7:30pm at Elaine's Piano at the Grove Park Inn. G Social Media will be moderating this event and introducing you to some of the key people in the Asheville video industry. Plan to learn lots of information about taking, making, uploading and marketing your videos. You can RSVP on Facebook or email Gary (email is in the side box my website) to confirm your attendance.

Jay Kirk of PSAV
25+ years of experience in sales, advertising, marketing, training, producing, directing, designing, animating, and shooting of video, web based materials, and digital media content. With the advent of the internet, Jay became a producer creating websites, and digital media, including interactive DVD’s. 1998, Jay oversaw the creation of one of the most complex DVD’s ever created to that day. In October 2006, The Walt Disney Company hired Jay as a Global Entertainment Manager, working for Disney Broadcast Operations, Disney Event Group, and Walt Disney Entertainment. In January 2008, he was placed on the Technical Director Bench for Walt Disney Entertainment. In August, Jay was cross-utilized by Disney Cruise Lines as the Entertainment Technical Operations Manager.

David Bonyun of Asheville Video Productions I help businesses generate sales by sharing their stories on video. My focus is Video Production for Business and Real Estate. My niche is Short form Internet video production for businesses and real estate. I will be speaking about Tips and Tricks for capturing better video.

David Bourne of Bourne Media
I'm a digital filmmaker and the owner of Bourne Media. We make "Moving Pictures for the Good of the Planet". My focus: We educate and inform viewers of worthy causes, services and products. If your organization does good in this world, we will help you tell your story. My niche is Nature Education, Non-profits, Entertainment, Education, plus 20 years of experience in video and new media. Se habla español. I will be speaking about: In a nutshell, "Reaching your goals through audio/visual storytelling." I will speak about the importance of understanding your goals and how video can help reach them. I'll also speak to how storytelling is particularly important to connecting with a social media audience. I'll top it off with a quick list of video advice that I've gathered in the last 20 years.

Bob Peck of Rev Pictures
I am a videographer/audio engineer/producer. My focus: Affordable video production/multimedia in Asheville that includes promo videos for local businesses (for internet and social media), weddings, events, real estate properties and more. I am a native of Asheville with over 9 years of audio and video production experience in the area. I will be speaking about: A very basic workflow of a video shoot--I'll shoot about a one minute clip on my Flip camera, import it into Final Cut Pro, export a video and upload to YouTube.

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Blogger Dulcita Love said...

Thanks Gary. Looking forward to hearing the latest in video! @dulcitalove

April 18, 2010 at 10:32 PM  

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