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Monday, July 19, 2010

G Social Media Recommendations - Thank You!

KC Hart - Marketing Director of the Asheville Home Builders Association: "I would highly recommend Gary Charles with G Social Media as an excellent marketing consultant specializing in Social Media. He has worked within our organization- the Asheville Home Builders Association, particularly with the Professional Women in Building Council, to establish a basic foundation for conceptual social media, then taking the next step in building a social network for our members and their businesses. His vast knowledge and patient approach has enabled many of our members to learn from his experiences. He is truly an expert on the subject of social interaction and the marketing benefit that can come to businesses in the homebuilding industry when applying these techniques."

Ryan Izon - Owner of Mother and Son Bistro: "Gary is a top notch Social Media expert and has several great systems in place for the education and training for me and my employees to not only get started in all aspects of social media for my business, but also has given us the tools to continue of and to find new and exciting ways to help promote awareness of our restaurant in a small city with hundred of other businesses like ours. Gary has shown us how to stand out from the rest."

Julie Atallah - Owner of Bruisin Ales: "Gary's done a great job organization Asheville with the hub @AskAsheville website and Twitter. His unending energy and support of the Asheville community is reflected in his work on a daily basis. At Bruisin' Ales, we're happy to call him a colleague." 

Cathy Rodgers - Owner of Seven Waves Marketing: "Gary is one of the most enthusiastic and pro small business people I have met! His social media expertise have been the success of many professorships in the Asheville area. We met on Twitter and ended up working on a project together. You should Hire @gsocialmedia."

Felicia Carter - Editor-in-Chief of Go Graham Go: "Gary provides a wealth of knowledge on all things social media. Not only is he an encouraging person to be around, but he has plenty of energy to do the job!"

Deborah Potter - PR Manager at the Grove Park Inn: "Gary is an expert at social media and making it work for your company. If there's an important event, you can count on Gary to be there. He does a great job."

Jan Rogers - Owner of The Garage at Biltmore: "Gary is a doer -- an energetic, creative, passionate force committed to making a difference that matters in the Asheville community. He engages people in their own contributions, shares their aspirations, helps them get better, and embraces the joint impact of the actions. Highly recommend working with Gary and always appreciate the opportunity.

Mary Dotson - Power Realty: “I have known Gary for 3 years. His knowledge of all Social Media platforms is amazing. He is the most knowledgeable person I have met in this area. In addition to knowing about Social Media, Gary has extensive experience in weaving all the different Social and Web technology together for each individual person or business. I love to work with Gary and look forward to working with him again. Gary has conducted several Social Media classes that I found extremely valuable. He demonstrated a high degree of expertise and his presentation was clear and immediately actionable. He was sensitive to others that did not have the on-line visual. In addition, his style was open and inviting to questions (and expressed appreciation for them) and willingly gave his time to responding to questions thoroughly. Gary is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious. I certainly would recommend him for any of your Web or Social Media needs."

Amanda Ballew - More Space Place: “Gary is the "go-to guy" for Social Media in the Asheville Area. He is eager to help businesses learn Social Media and has taught classes for the community for free, including a series of classes for my Professional Women in Building Council. Gary can break Social Media down into an easy to understand and manageable set of platforms that almost anyone can understand. His strategy plans for business Social Media marketing are quite impressive. I would recommend that if you want to learn Social Media for yourself or if you need a master plan for your company that you contact Gary.”

Austin Hume - Grove Park Inn: “Gary has been a valuable teacher of Social Media Marketing this past year. His knowledge on Social Media Marketing is impressive. He has been active in connecting people/business in Asheville on a local and national level. He has been holding free online marketing classes, teaching people how to be highly effective in online marketing and the value of staying connected. His teaching style is non-abrasive and patient, and the material he has written clearly and effectively guides the way for beginners to use online marketing to increase their exposure.”

Lindsay Fields - Owner of Hot Yoga: “Gary is extremely knowledgeable, truly an expert in his field with his finger on the Social Media pulse! I continue to refer to him with any questions I have. He is passionate, dedicated and a straight up guy. If you are committed to building meaningful relationships and growing your business or brand, definitely contact G Social Media

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