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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We like to stay connected nowadays

I sometimes laugh when people get annoyed from technology interruptions. I mean years ago we did not have to worry about a phone going off in a meeting. Now, thats just the way it is. Today, our technology connections take priority. Not saying that our meeting is not important; but we are multi-taskers and like to stay on top of things. If I am in a meeting and someone has to take a call that they deem important, then so be it. I sometimes check tweets during meetings if I am expecting a contact, or someone is asking me a timely question. Excuse yourself for a minute with me, and I am catching up on work on my smartphone. This new world is a little more forgiving than the past generations. Give people a little room, and take some room for yourself too.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Social Media and Face to Face Tips - Friending People

Asking someone to be your friend did not start with Facebook and MySpace. I remember several people asking me face to face to be my friend when I was a little child. As time passes in our lives, we hesitate to request friendships from other human beings, especially in person. Facebook has made this process much easier. I am not the type that gets offended if someone I do not know makes a request to be my friend on Facebook. I either think that they want to make a connection, and maybe they will even end up being a "real" friend to me. Who knows?! When we make a connection with someone, you never know the possibilities. Make it a point to make some new friends this month, online, and also in person. Make relationships that contribute to your social growth, and not those whose wish to limit you and box you up. They are just building their own empire, with the same old people they have cliqued with for years, and they are all better than everybody else, hahaha. We are building an open network, and friendships with others! No membership required :) You are already accepted!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Twitter Part 1 - setting up an account

Taking the lunge and setting up a Twitter account is a big step. You go to and hit the Sign Up button. Enter some basic information such as your display name (in my case it would be Gary), your username (for me it would be GSocialMedia), choose a password and add your email address. Bam, you are almost done!

Now it is going to take you through a few quick pages where you can check your email address book to see if any of your friends and connections are on Twitter, and you can invite them. They will show you some suggested people to follow. Go ahead and follow at least 10 people to start. Now it is time for your first Tweet. Twitter asks "What's Happening?" Say something, ANYTHING! Tell us about how good your last meal was and where you ate it. Tell us about your dreams. Tell us about the weather. Hit "TWEET" and it updates your status.

Now go to the button with your username in the top right corner of the screen. This is a drop down menu. Hit it and go to 'Settings". Once you are in settings, Once you are in, there are several tabs on the screen. Change the timezone on this first screen. You will have to re-enter your password at this point for some weird reason. Then, on the same screen, click the "Mobile" tab if you want to add your cell phone number so you can Text to Tweet. This is a great service where you can send a text message to Twitter using standard text charges. SMARTPHONE NOT NEEDED! This is one of the features not many know about.

The next tab that you want to hit is "Profile" where you will add a photo, location, website, and bio. This is a very important step to complete. DO NOT SKIP IT! And make sure you click SAVE on bottom of every screen. You are done! We will talk about Tweeting and Growing your Twitter account in the next few newsletters.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

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