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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

YouTube - Social Media Marketing with Video

YouTube has been a great outlet for one of my portfolio projects AskAsheville. We currently have over 600 subscribers, over 100,00 channel views, and over 500,000 actual video views. The mission of Ask Asheville was to video and highlight life, business and events in the AVL community. This has been well accomplished.

G Social Media builds YouTube channels for businesses. This work includes setting up the You Tube page, targeting and making connections with people in your community or niche, and uploading videos that show your media content. Depending on what type of video you are looking for will determine who we use to do the video. We can source the work out, you can use your own videographer, or we can do it in house.

YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine in the world, after Google of course. I always use the example of trying to search Google on how to make Sushi. Then a light bulb went off in my head and I searched "How To Make Sushi" on YouTube and within seconds I was able to see a Japanese Chef in Japan make a perfect Sushi Roll. Thanks to technology, my sushi roll came out half decent. Things that we could never duplicate and show to anyone again are now common everyday videos that we can all enjoy on YouTube. Memories being made and shared via video, and for free!

Can your company profit from using video social media? Yes. Throw a 30 seconds pitch up on YouTube, distribute your content in the video network, then leak it over your other social media platforms, and you get to say it once to hundreds and thousands of people. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth 10,000.

If YouTube is not one of your key ingredients in your social media dynamic; you are missing out on a large community. Another tip is that even though you may make and upload a video; getting the title, description and keywords is vital to the life of your video. Tell us, and the search engines, what the video is really about. The distribution is another big factor. Getting and keeping that video in front of the people is key. This is where other great social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook come in. One more tip is that when someone subscribes to my YouTube channel or adds me as a friend, I get a notification in my Gmail inbox. I then click over to their profile, and I usually accept the friend request and subscribe back to them to make the reciprocal connection.

I am currently working on building up the AskAsheville and GSocialMedia YouTube channel even more. Results will be very evident in a matter of 90 days. For AskAsheville, one of my main targets is anyone who has the word Asheville in any of their videos. As I sit here writing this blog, my other computer is making connections on YouTube. I can peek across the room and watch my video network grow. Because of the video work I have done, my clients have potential clients calling them and saying "I am watching your YouTube video right now!" Nice!!! I enjoy working with videos and creating a successful YouTube video campaign for you and your business.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Introduction to Social Networking and Media - Raleigh NC presentation

Here is a recent beginners introduction to social media that I used at a presentation in Raleigh North Carolina. This was a private presentation and not open to the public. Some of your definitions or prices may vary in comparison to the ones I have below. Not a problem at all. Just take note. I am a real life sociable human being that uses social networking and media to express my person and my business. What better way to get your name and brand in the mix of things, in this new world media era? It is the modern day version of "writing your name in the wet concrete." Make your mark, establish your brand, build your network, be sociable, build your business, service your clients, make friends. BAM!

1. What is social networking? It is a social act, function or club where you can get together and connect with other people, possibly leading to friendships and/or business relationships.

2. What is social media? It is using your people skills to reach out to others, connect, share your personal and business media, and build relationships. The methods of communication has changed with the Internet; but the most important part is to be sociable, or at least make your business seem so and learn how to.

3. Who invented social media? It was an evolution of human behavior and communications. It was a fad until our current President used it to win the world over during his campaign. Then people started paying big attention.

4. Why is social media needed?
  • Forms (mail to fb me) and places (outside to online) of communication have changed.
  • People used to use telephones, now use text and/or Skype for free video calls.
  • People used to spend time with neighbors, now spend time with Facebook friends.
  • People attend public social functions sometimes, but connected online all of the time.
  • This is where you will find your new friends, clients and future. (this is where they live)
  • Friends do business with friends. Facebook friends hold more weight than a stranger.
  • I trust my social circle more than I trust Google search results, SEO, or an algorithm.
  • It is the best way to make the most, and most valuable connections in minimal time.
  • You can search sites like Twitter & get crowd sourced information from a huge network, and up to the second, no more stale search information.

5. What about my website?
  • If you have one, great. If not, we could have one built for you or use a blog site.
  • Your main website is not included with a social media package unless requested.
  • Main company websites could run anywhere from $1500 to $50k+
  • Wordpress websites could run anywhere from $500 to $2k+
  • A website is your headquarters. Social media is your arms, legs, mouth, feet.

6. What online platforms should I get with a “social media package?”
  • Email - this is with Googles email, called Gmail. This is only an admin email.
  • Blog Article Site - supplement to a website, sometimes used as a main online presence.
  • RSS Feed Site - worldwide feed article distribution service.
  • Photo Album Site - allows you to upload photo into online albums, add captions, etc.
  • YouTube Video Channel Site - allows you to upload videos online, add info, links, etc.
  • Twitter Updater Site -  used for quick daily updating and connecting.
  • Twitpic Photo Updater Site - used for quick daily photo updating.
  • Information Bin Site - used for compiling your media and distributing on Twitter.
  • Social Network Site - usually a Facebook business page where people “Like” it.
  • Tracking Site - gives you statistics on how may people are clicking to your content.
  • SM Management Site - allows you to easily manage your social media in one place.
7. How do I get started with social media? This is where I am supposed to say "Contact Me" - but I will skip that part and say something like "Just Do It!"

8. How much time will it take me per day? After proper social media building and training, if you put an average of 10 minutes a day into making and growing connections, you will do great.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Email Newsletter Marketing and Social Media

Today I met with my friend Kelly Denson. She works for My Newsletter Builder, a local AVL company that competes strongly with some brands such as Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, and Vertical Response. She was headed to UNC Asheville today to do a presentation on email newsletter marketing and I was very excited for her. I regularly speak there and currently have 3 interns from UNCA that are working with me. Kelly mentioned that maybe I could talk about social media for a few minutes and I said "I will be there!"

We met at Rise N Shine Cafe on Merrimon Ave to eat a great breakfast and throw around some media ideas before heading up to UNCA. We arrived at the school and met with Professor Jeff Foreman. We walked into the class and started getting ready for the presentation. Kelly took the lead, introduced herself, and gave an awesome presentation about email marketing using newsletters. I learned a new perspective and some nice tips. "The Sexy Subject Line" branded me. Thank you Kel! I jumped up after and talked about the importance of email and how it is part of my "sales process" when using social media. I said... "I communicate on Twitter, Facebook, Text and then evolve it to Email once we are ready to get more serious." Then I discussed the many SM platforms that I use, and showed the class some examples from the icons on the AskAsheville website.

Since the class just a few hours ago, I have received a LinkedIn connection, some conversation on Twitter, and a great email from the Professor thanking us for coming! Great day in the social networking and media world.

If you are interested in having an Email Newsletter Marketing and Social Media combo class, we would be glad to do a nice presentation for your company or group.

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