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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

7 Damaging Sins of Social Media

When dealing with Social Media, it is a whole different world to many. You must be sociable, you must have information, and then your attitude is always a very important factor. Some of these "sins" are normal practices, and some are done by people just not paying attention. These are just some points that I have observed and gathered in the past few months that I wanted to share. Maybe you have noticed some of the same? Maybe some of these are your habits? Please read:

1. Screaming network with a clique motive - These people wear the badge of "Network", but are wearing the "Lone Ranger" hat. It is all about them, their people, and the people they grant "their approval" on. Social Media is networking, communications, crowd sourcing, connecting, reaching out, pointing in, providing info, and doing your part to contribute whether your are in business or by yourself. Many people do not understand this concept; they simply "think" they do. They use social media to where it is all about them, crush others who even seem to be walking down the same path; and do even worse if they are in the same geographical area. I have heard of companies that have helped establish a "spammer" account to attack others and discredit them. Is this their "alter ego"? No, this is who they really are. Talk about bad business and creating bad Karma! Beware of these cliques! Learn to really network by creating exposure for your business and reaching out to others! Do not only network with them who you adamantly agree with, those you "like", and those you know. There is a big difference between an open and closed network. Let yours be open!

2. Knowing, but not telling social media - Hanging social media over someones head is simply not right. Many people have heard about it and want to know more. Today, our culture and society is built off of information. You can go online and type any question you have into Google, Bing, Yahoo, Cuil or any of the other dozens of good search engines and find a wealth of information on just about every subject. If you know something more than the common person, open up and tell it. Share it with the people! The days of hoarding are over. Social Media is an open information system that bridges the gaps. Proclaim it so.

3. Having a critical social media attitude - Sometimes when we do not understand something, it is in our nature to attack it. A few minutes each day dedicated to learning new media and Internet communications would open anyone up to such a great world. Yes, even I remember the days when I would not touch email communications. I had my secretary (Tiff!) get on my computer, log in, and type out an email while I stood up, walked around and dictated. Then I would get excited after we were done and tell her "Send It!". Today, it is different. When I hear of something, especially when they say "new", I first think "opportunity" and then hit the computer to research the subject. Social media is the new superior form of connecting and communications. Drop the bad attitude and have a teachable spirit. You just might learn something new. Correction; you will learn something great and new, and love it. Social Media!

4. Wearing the "Big Head" - Have you ever met someone that thought that they were King of whatever? Growing up, there were kids who actually believed they owned the street we all lived on. I could use that as an inspiring thought, but not now. There are people in the Social media world who are anti-networkers and that snarl at people who learn something beyond them. They need to be the head honcho in everything. Oh, they give credit, but only when they are complimenting someone that they consider a lesser learned person. Ever had the big head? I have. I played baseball for a few weeks before they yanked me over to the All Star Team. I was excited and heartbroken at the same time. I was humbled. But when fans started cheering, even though it was only little league, I got the big head. I felt like Reggie Jackson! Having a big head is not that bad when you are a fair and just individual, but hand that big head over to some of these insecure gurus and it is all over from there. They use their big head to hurt, limit and criticize; and in turn damage social media.

5. Being a social media security bouncer - Social media is a learning curve and things are constantly changing. It is trial and error sometimes. We learn, teach, learn together, learn some more, and share our experiences. It is so funny that people think they have to tell people all of the time how to do it right, how their way is the best, and how everyone else is doing it wrong. They police the sites of others and base their networking off of slander. They lay in wait for someone to make a wrong move so they can jump in and subconsciously (and sometimes verbally) say "They are wrong, I am better". They actually believe that by hindering and "arresting" someone else in social media; they somehow become better. Not at all. Social media is a place where people live and let live. We may suggest or blog about tips, but who I am to knock or arrest someone else for their methods of operation? If you are on Twitter and follow everyone you can or follow everyone back, good for you. If you do not, then good for you too. Big Deal! Turn your "Officer" badge in and network with us.

6. Not working social media - Having new media and social media platforms and not using them anywhere near their potential is very hazardous. It is like having a beautiful new car that people have seen in the driveway, but for the most part it is hiding in the garage and barely used. You need to learn how to "Work It!" Push down on the gas and take Social Media for a spin. Balance, new content, and scheduling is very important for the growth of your business in social media. For some this seems like constant maintenance, but for us who have seen the power of new media; it is productivity and fun! The principle of sowing and reaping really takes hold here. What you put in, must come out! Start planting and working your social media platforms!

7. Not using social media - This "sin" is deadlier than them all. If I were drowning and there was a pencil, a quarter, a weight, or a life vest... I would grab the device that floats and that could support what I am attempting to do. Social media can not only save your business, but it can also land you in a whole new world with bigger and better opportunities. Not using social media is like trying to board a plane by waiting in the line at the grocery store. You will not make it to your destination! Your company will not fly! And the sad part is your business can even die.

Maybe it is time for your company to explore the many diversified angles of Social Media? Maybe you want to start simple small and build from there? Maybe Social Media is exactly what your business needs? Contact G Social Media for a custom plan for your business.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Quick Simple Overview of Twitter Tips & some How To

Sign In Page - This is where you type your Username and Password to access your account.

Once you are logged in, you will see your home page. This is your “landing page”. There are 2 home buttons on your Twitter page. One on the top bar and one in the side bar. This is where you will see the updates of everyone you follow in real time. You can look and see the latest updates or “tweets” that the people you follow are posting. You may see some that say “less than 5 seconds ago”, “less than 10 seconds ago”, “half a minute ago”, etc. You will also see a top box where you can answer the question “What are you doing?” In this box, you can literally post exactly what you are doing, a new idea you have, a quote that inspired you, a new product your business is offering, some advice to others, your sales pitch, your self promotions, promote others, ask questions, make statements, and so so much more. You have 140 letters or characters to use including spaces so shorthand is commonly used. This is great because you technically learn what to say and how to say it in a really efficient way. Some call it “Green Communication”. You skip all of the bulk lettering and get right to the point. Awesome!

From this home page, you can see how many people you are following, how many people are following you, and how many updates you have posted by looking right below your photo or logo on the right of the page. Click on these links to see them. Underneath this line, you will see a promotion or clip of news that you may be interested in. Then you will see a link for @Replies or @YourTwitterName. This is where your Twitter account has been mentioned publicly or someone has sent you a public message. Pay big attention to these. When someone sends you an @Reply, they are publicly posting your Twitter name and link on their page. This is most of the time Good! You can send anyone an @Reply by simply putting the @ sign before their name, space and then message after it in the update box. Remember… this is public. Right below the @Reply link, you will see the link “Direct Messages”. Sometimes when you are following a bunch of people, this area gets crowded by Auto-Replies saying “Thank you”, “Check out my site”, etc. Once you stop following a lot of people, it becomes much easier to pay attention to Direct Messages.

You will also see a Twitter link on the right called “Favorites”. Next to anyone’s update, you can hover over to the right of the update and a star will appear for you to Favorite an update, and a Reply arrow will appear for you to publicly write back to them. Click on either one if needed. Click on “Favorites” at anytime to see some of the Updates you wanted to make sure you remembered to look at.

There is also a Twitter “Search Box” on the right where you can search for whatever you like. You can type in direct phrases, names, hashtags (#NameOfHashTag), etc. I just typed in “Friday” and it searches Twitter for people that mentioned Friday in their Tweets. Under this search box, you will see some “Trending Topics”. These are the most popular things that people are talking about on Twitter at the moment. Click on any of them to see what is going on with that topic.

There is a “Following” bar as well on the lower right where you can see the icons (logos or photo) of the people you are following. Lastly, on the bottom right is your personal RSS feed for your Twitter page. You can add this feed to your blog or anywhere else where you can insert an RSS feed.

Take a look at your top navigation bar. The second button on the top navigation bar is the “Profile” button. This is what visitors see when they come to your page. Make sure all of this info is correct. This is your “Storefront” if you may. The next button across the top is “Find People”. You can search for a specific name, Twitter name, business type, niche, geographic area, movement, or anything you would like to try. Results will appear and you can browse to find what you are looking for. The next button is “Settings”. Go through these settings to upload a picture, add your cell phone text service, add your company description, add your website url, change your password, edit or change your design, and more. The next button across the top is “Help” and that is exactly what it says. In this help section, you will find a video on how to use Twitter, resources, trouble shooting, known issues, announcements and features, and more. The last button on the top right corner is “Sign Out”. When you are done with using Twitter and wish to log out, click this button.

Other Quick Twitter Tips:

1. Follow People! Reach out and connect. This is your Social Networking and Social Media initiative.
2. Check your followers and follow them back by clicking “Follow” underneath their photo or logo. This opens you up to a bigger network of possibilities.
3. Fill in your complete “Bio” space. Say all you can about you, your business, and your mission.
4. Try to “Tweet” at least 3 times a day (or more) to train yourself how to update.
5. Mix your Tweets up. Not all business! Humor us, send us a Twitpic, tell us what you are having for lunch!
6. Be respectful to the businesses of others. Everyone has a niche. Some are into Social Media (like me), some are into Burning Fat, some are into Making Money, and some just simply want a friend connection. Live and Let Live, Connect and Let Others Connect, Sell and Let Others Sell.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Social Media Star by G Social Media - How Social Media Works

Here is an example of how social media connects, reaches out, pulls in and works for you and your company. Of course there are many other platforms and ways that could be added to this; but we want you to understand how this works without overloading you. In the next illustration, I will show you how each of these outlets reach a wide variety of people. Social Media is here to stay and superior communications and effectively connecting with people, friends, fans, followers & customers is what many of our businesses have been waiting for. Door to door, endless hours playing phone tag, and paper advertising is losing a lot of ground. Connectivity like this is awesome! Thank you Social Media! This illustration and concept is property of G Social Media and may be used with proper accreditation, with approval. You can also visit G Social Media on Twitter by clicking HERE.

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