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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

11 Tweeters You Will Meet in Twitter Heaven

If there is a Twitter Heaven, these are some of the peeps that I expect to see... These Are They:

1. The Networker - These are the people that connect. They reach out to other people and companies all across the world on Twitter. They look for things that are similiar instead of seeking out differences. They have a live and let live, tweet and let tweet attitude. They understand that each business is different, each company has a certain niche, and not everyone has to be like them. They follow and follow back. The "Networker" is their name and impartially networking is their passion.

2. The Contributor - These are the folks who love to help, inspire, and contribute tips and information to help others with their social media, business, industry and life. These people are farmers. They cultivate the Twitter land. They plant, sow, and give where needed... sometimes never having to see that seed necessarily grow. They just love to plant! Some of this is done by educating, inspiring, and even sharing quotes that help us. Oh, they contribute Hashtags too. They are "Contributors"!

3. The Socializer - Here are the people that blend and friend. Here and there, they connect and communicate. They love to socialize! They are happy to meet you, excited about your passion, and want to learn more. They look for ways to connect one friend or connection to another. The "S" on their chest stands for "Socializer".

4. The Personalizer - These people connect with people on a more human level and are not "all business", as nice as that may sound. They do not simply Sell Sell Sell; they listen, hear, learn and give feedback. They make our experience "Personal"!

5. The Humorer - Laughter is the best medicine sometimes and this person makes sure they get a laugh, giggle, smile or at least a smurk out of you with their Tweets. Humor is a part of life, and many of us would do good to accept some in and give some out. Sometimes things could get so hectic, I have to just sit back and laugh for a minute. It may be that humorous tweet that gives me that second wind I really needed. The "Humorer" is funny!

6. The Balancer - The "Balancer" strategically posts twitter updates where the viewer is not overwhelmed with the same exact tweet every 30 seconds. Variety is their sub title. They talk about business, personal, life, humor, promotions, ideas, etc... and blend it all together, giving us a balanced experience.

7. The Consumer - These are the buyers. They use Twitter to make their buying decisions, crowdsource, ask questions, get answers... and then they buy. The consumers are all over the Twitter platform and many other social networks, searching for the best advice about products or services they need.

8. The Seller - These are the people who step out, ahead of the main business frame world, and use Twitter to promote and sell their products, passions, and or services. They support social media by using Tweets. They educate us via Twitter and allow us to make an informed buying decision. The "Seller" sells!

9. The @ Replier - The @ Replier is the one that is glad to publicly speak or give a shout out to friends, connections and the network at large. They connect to you and others by linking to your Twitter page on their profile and in their tweets. Where would we be without the great "@Replies" (public convo) that we see everyday on Twitter?! We see conversations and dialogue in very real time!

10. The ReTweeter - The Retweeter is excited about what you have to say and its importance. So much that they have to Declare! and say it again. Very cool. A twitter retweet is a compliment for the most part. They are saying "Hey, I want my followers to know this too!" They want to spread the word that you previously delivered to them. Too good to keep in! "Retweeters" are awesome!

11. The Linker - The Linker does exactly what they say they do... they link. The look and find the URL's to the places or things they are Tweeting and add it to their updates. Sometimes they even go out of their way to condense that URL so they can have more character space to provide even more info, or at least roll the red carpet out for us to click the links. Linkers allow us to save time, clicking, and they get us to where we want to go Quick! Thank you "Linkers"!

I WILL see all of you when we get to the other side! Thank You! Lol

-GSocialMedia - Oh, See Me on Twitter Too!

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Escaping Spam and or Porn on Twitter

Note: Keep in mind that spam and or porn may be desired by some users. I am in no way condoning it, but in all business sense, the supply would not be there without the demand. If people were not clicking on these links, it would be a dead end for them and unprofitable to continue.

Let me say that totally escaping spam, porn, and solicitations will probably never happen. Of course I know people who make it their mission to find, block, remove, and expose such, but this is a obsession with little fruit. Yes, you may have finally had them flagged, but you have lost hours of time you could have spent promoting your visions and building your business. I have clients that will not consistently tweet, but they will hunt spammers down and call me at midnight to say they found some porn account within the thousands of people they follow on Twitter. I simply say "delete it". One account is deleted and another appears. We will never completely be rid of it, so kinda learn to deal with this situation.

At anytime, a Twitter account that seems perfectly normal could change what it is promoting, change their heading name, and even change the url. You WILL still be following them and may not know for a long time. For some people this is a disaster, while it is amusing to others. If you follow all back, what are you supposed to do? Spend 10 minutes researching each new follower, checking every link and tweet to make sure they are not promoting porn or ridiculous spam? I don't think so.

One of the things businesses understand is that every account has a person or people behind it, and they are a potential client or connection at least. Are you telling me that if a "Spammer" or "XXX Star" came into your business and wanted to make a purchase or pay for a service of yours, you would deny it? If "Sexy Sara" or "Millionaire in 30 Days" (both examples) wanted to buy 1000 stocks in your company or purchase a vehicle from your dealership, they would be blocked? I don't think so either. I would not do a social media package for a porn company, but I am simply saying to be honest and real about business. Yes, people are involved in things that you and I do not agree with, and would never participate in; but it is not our mission to terminate them.

Why does it mean if you follow spam and or porn on Twitter?
Unless you are packed out with them primarily, it does not mean anything. Many people are not headhunting and simply "follow back" as a courtesy. If I notice that someone is following a porn site publicly, I automatically assume it is a mistake and move on. Sometimes you may notice some undesired tweets or something else that alerts you on your home page. Delete them if so. Also, Twitter regularly blocks and closes accounts so their time is limited if they spam too much or have inappropriate content.

What does it mean if spam and or porn is following you?
Nothing. You cannot stop anyone from initially following you. If you go through your list of followers and scan their photo and the last tweet listed; sometimes you will snag a few. Some look at the photos, and if they seem too provocative or their name seems innappropriate, you assume it is porn spam. In this instance, now Twitter users need to beware of the photo they put up (does it seem too sexy, lol), does my last name (example: Ho) stop people from connecting with me, or do I have an "X" in my title that will make people jump to conclusions? Of course you can click on each individual profile and check it in detail, but time again is the factor.

I know some who follow all back - whoever they are, some who only follow back after they check the people out, and others who just follow back the few that they want to follow. Unless you are a celebrity (worldwide or in your own world), following back is sort of the "rule" if you are establishing a mass network of sorts. Did you hear me? If you are looking for an audience / network of any significant numbers, you need to start following and following back. If Twitter is just quick simple connecting with your Fave 5 and a small clique, then of course... do not reach out and follow back. If you or I come across something in our faces that we do not want, we keep it simple and just delete and or block it. No big deal!

People have different views, but I dare not judge someone because a spam or porn account is following them, or that I see that they are following the same, whether on purpose or by mistake. I connect, look for good things and people to network with, learn a lot, and acquire inspiration. I look at what that individual is twittering and tweeting about, their website link, and make my decision to pay attention or not. Easy... For me.

Whatever decision you make as far as following, following back & Twitter hunting; I hope you have fun, build connections, and grow your business and life in this Twittering Tweeting universe. Please contribute positively to the Twitter World. Thank you!

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Why We Hate Social Media... the tale of "her"

A tale of Social Media by G:

1. Social Media is New: Have you ever seen a new person come into "your business" or the company you have been working for and just soar? I mean, here she comes strutting her stuff in MY place, an area I have worked for years and years. She looks HOT! But I would never say because she competes with everything I know and have been trained to think. So I am predjudiced. Mr. Web Designer and Mr. Code Man both say they know her somewhat, but those are vague terms that "they" say about anything that looks good. She is fast, friendly, and boy does she get the job done! Her name is Social Media... our newest staff member.

2. Social Media is Fast: And I really thought that I was good, lol. In the time it takes me to make a few good contacts; she had made hundreds and thousands. Not fair! I have paid my dues, learned what they taught me, and this bitch goes speeding right on by. What is going on? Suddenly everyone feels the "need for speed" and I am falling behind just watching her work it. She doesn't even really pick up the phone and make that traditional human "one on one" contact. This can't be!

3. Social Media is Broad: I had a nice client base set up, I followed up on them regularly, and here she comes bringing in people from all over the world, capturing them as prospects, and her human team is converting them to clients in record time. Wow! I really thought I had a vision before I met her. She is like SuperWoman to me.

4. Social Media is Proven: It took me so long to prove myself to my people, my company, my boss, and my corporation. She comes on the scene and is promoted in weeks! How dare she prove her effectiveness!!! I know there are some minor issues with her, maybe; but she picks up so quick, we dare not feast on them. I am just waiting for the day she messes up big and even her clients will come running to me. I kinda know this day will never come to pass, but it sounds good... at least to me and my group of friends. She laughs and lovingly calls all of us "Haters". I leave work and she stays, happily working away. I go home, think about her for a few hours, and go to sleep mad once again. I wake up with only "her" on my mind. As much as I'd hate to say it; she has proven herself to me.

4. Social Media Is: Finally, I step back and make peace and friends with the Lady that is leading the way. She is so so fine! She networks, she connects, she reaches, she exhibits impartiality, she attracts, she consummates. I think I am falling for her. I spend some time with her... we flirt, we work, we play, we start doing things together. Soon we speak of each other as a team... "us!". We are One!

Today, I admit that I am in love with Social Media & damn proud of it. She is my teammate; working and bonded together forever. Yes! If she would let me put a ring on her finger I would; and then scream uncontrollably... "I Do!". Social Media, I love you!!!

p.s. See You Soon Baby Doll!

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